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In 2016, there is still a deficit of 350 000 places in child care facilities over half of which were missing in Greater Paris.

We, Paul and Augustin, are both in our thirties and we have decided to contribute to reducing this deficit by opening crèches where the shortage is the more obvious.

We have one criterion only, the only one which really matters : setting up crèches we are proud of where we would like to entrust our own children.

Our organisation is pretty simple : we both have our respective fields of expertise and act accordingly.

... and lot of ideas for your children!

We set up Plume with the idea of sharing values dear to uour hearts and we wanted to get these values implemented in our daily worklife.

Plume educational project comes from numerous research-works from early childhood experts, such as Maria Montessori and Emmi Pikler. Both of them have developed major fundamental ideas on child's well-being and development.


Today, our staff is trained by Josette S., who was a neuroscientist with young children for over 20 years before switching to providing her valuable advice to our institutions.


As a result, we set three objectives:

Plume: a team dedicated to your children



C’est la première étape, celle par laquelle tout commence lorsque les parents s'éloignent et il nous appartient de rassurer les enfants et les parents.

C'est d'abord un environnement sécurisé avec des équipes diplômées et formées en continu et avec des locaux parfaitement adaptés et meublés avec la plus grande attention.


C’est également un climat de confiance, car les crèches sont des lieux ou l'humain est primordial. Nous adaptons la période d'adaptation aux besoin de chacun afin de s'assurer que la prise de contact avec l'équipe pour les parents, et avec l'environnement pour l'enfant, est suffisamment solide pour débuter l'accueil sur de bonnes bases.

Mère et son enfant
Bébé et sa soeur



In Plume, we refuse to admit there is one way exclusively to help children make their way up.


Standing by your child in her / his development means adapting to her / his pace, needs and emotions. In Plume, we commit ourselves to accompanying your child individually by personalizing our welcome.


We are willing to build small-sized crèches exclusively so as to welcome your child in a warm and family atmosphere.



It is the very first fundamental step when you, parents, are gradually moving away.


Reassuring your child is a fine-tuned combination. Reassuring parents is a real challenge.



First of all, reassuring is based on settling our fully-fledged and duly qualified teams in a secured environment furnished with utmost attention.


Secondly, it is based on a climate of confidence. It is the reason why - in Plume - we have made the choice to get one unique person in charge of accompanying your child in the key-moments of the day: it is the way (s) he will gradually learn to build up a relationship based on mutual confidence.

Tête rouge bébé
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