,  a team ...

Il manque encore 350 000 places de crèches en France, dont plus de la moitié en Île-de-France. 

Nous avons décidé d'apporter notre petite contribution en ouvrant des établissements de petite taille pour accueillir entre 10 et 20 enfants dans un environnement bienveillant et familial. 

... and ideas for your children!

When we created Plume, it was  with the idea of sharing with you values that are dear to us

and that we wanted to apply on a daily basis.

Chaque crèche Plume est structurée autour d'une équipe de professionnelles et d'une directrice qui ont la main libre sur la mise en place de leur projet pédagogique. Chaque crèche Plume propose ainsi  un projet  légèrement différent dans chacun de ses établissements afin de s'adapter aux compétences, aux formations et aux envies des équipes.

Deux piliers du projet pédagogique, motricité libre et bilinguisme, ainsi que trois missions indispensables, rassurer, respecter et éveiller sont cependant des prérequis indispensable dans toutes nos crèches :

Plume: a team dedicated to your children



This is the first step, the one with which everything begins when the parents move away.


Reassuring your child is a wise dosage. Reassuring parents is a real challenge.


It is first and foremost a secure environment  with qualified and continuously trained teams and  with perfectly adapted premises and  furnished with the greatest attention.


It is also a climate of trust, and that is why at Plume, we choose to have a unique person to accompany your child during important moments of the day.  : this is how he will be able to create the basis for a relationship of trust.

Mère et son enfant



Bébé et sa soeur

At Plume, we refuse to think that there is a single guide to help all children grow up!

Supporting a child in his development means first of all adapting to his pace, his needs and his emotions.  Plume is therefore committed to supporting each child individually by personalizing their welcome.

We make sure that our nurseries are small to accommodate your children in a warm and family atmosphere.



The awakening of your child is his development. We want him to be able to discover the whole expanse  of its capacities, and that it can fully open  to others.

This is why at Plume, we mix young and old, because we believe that each will learn from each other and vice versa.

Our professionals are specifically trained to understand the development of each individual, and thus be able to offer your child moments of awakening.  most suited to their needs.