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Plume Paris 20 - Gambetta

Nativity scene Paris 20th - Plume bilingual crèche in Paris Gambetta  mini nursery

Located in the heart of the 20th arrondissement, at 27 rue du Surmelin, the Plume de Paris 20 crèche can accommodate 10 children from 0 to 3 years old.

The nursery is structured around a very large living room for the children. Numerous windows allow to provide a beautiful light and to turn the whole establishment towards a small interior courtyard.

Quietly located near the nursery school, the Paris 20 crèche benefits from confidentiality and pleasant calm, away from the noise of cars and the bustle of the city.


As in all our nurseries, psychomotor structures in natural wood from eco-managed forests, worked by craftsmen from the Jura and certified “Made in France” are offered to children. They are custom designed to optimize space and promote children's development.

If you are supported by your company, the price of a place in a nursery is similar to that of a municipal nursery.


On Monday  







08:00     19:00

   08:00      19:00

08:00      19:00

08:00      19:00

08:00      19:00

Opening in 2019

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