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Plume Saint-Cloud

Saint-Cloud nursery - Plume bilingual nursery in Saint-Cloud mini nursery

Located on Boulevard de la République, the Plume de Saint-Cloud nursery can accommodate 10 children from 0 to 3 years old.

​ It is installed in a large co-property, with non-private access to many green spaces and a few meters from the Pasteur school and the Montessori school, the crèche benefits from an ideal setting with a very large space for children. life and sleep allowing many activities!


Psychomotor structures in natural wood from eco-managed forests, worked by craftsmen from the Jura and certified “Made in France” are offered to children. They are tailor-made to support children in their  development  and the discovery of their autonomy.

As in all our nurseries, part of the team is native  English-speaking in order to support your children on a daily basis.

The Saint Cloud nursery is a micro-nursery, accessible through company funding or directly funded by families! In all cases, you can benefit from PAJE allowances from CAF.


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Ancre 1

Plume: a nursery in Clichy

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