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Companies: the advantages

The advantages of setting up a company nursery or co-financing an external nursery place with the employee are numerous at a cost that is 83% deductible by the company.

Des avantages RH forts... :

  • benefit in kind (non-taxable) to BOOST RECRUITMENT in order to attract talent or stand out from its competitors

  • help with the return of MATERNITY LEAVE and the return to employment of young employees

  • LOYALTY of employees (they lose access to the crèche place when leaving the company)

  • AVAILABILITY and SERENITY of employees (wider opening hours of nurseries, less time lost in journeys, less absenteeism due to childcare problems, peaceful employees because they know their child in a place that guarantees their well-being and their safety etc.)

  • a FEDERATOR project, generally supported even by employees who are not directly concerned

Ordinateur bureau
Groupe de travail
Esprit d'équipe

...pour un coût financier limité :

  • advantageous taxation with UP TO 83% SUPPORT BY THE STATE through incentive tax mechanisms


  • returns on investment in terms of AVAILABILITY, LOYALTY and MOTIVATION of employees

50% reduction in the cost invoiced to the company by use of the Family Tax Credit funds

33% reduction in the cost invoiced to the company for corporate tax

Total reduction of 83% of the cost invoiced to the company

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