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Our raison d'être lies in standing by your child to help her or him open up happily.

We know that being a parent is one of the greatest bliss ever.

We also know that finding a place in a crèche is no simple matter, and entrusting your child to someone you don't know  is a sensitive issue.

Therefore, we have decided to focus on your parental needs, take time to think about it and provide  childcare facilities where you could entrust your child, knowing for sure (s) he will be safe. We take it to heart to provide  the best possible services,  so that you can kiss and wave your child goodbye serenely, knowing (s) he is in good hands.

We have also thought about the environment, making sure that everything is tailored to the needs of your child, contributing to her / his fulfillment and awakening in the best possible conditions.

We cater for numerous discovery activities and a bilingual environment provided by English-speaking as well as French-speaking professionals, giving your child the opportunity to  live, share and open up to others in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere.

New nursery

Plume is very happy to welcome your children in a new crèche with 10 cradles in Paris 18!

They talk about us

Plume crèches appeared in a report on bilingualism produced by “Le Parisien” in our Villepreux crèche.

You will find the video extract below:

Les crèches bilingues ? «C’est surement efficace si on maintient l’apprentissage par la suite»

Les crèches bilingues ? «C’est surement efficace si on maintient l’apprentissage par la suite»

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Our nurseries

For the lucky ones who live in Île-de-France, we can offer you several nurseries in Paris (Paris 18th, Paris 17th and Paris 20th) in Hauts-de-Seine (Levallois, Asnières-sur-Seine, Clichy, Garches, Puteaux, Saint-Cloud, Clamart), in Yvelines (Versailles, Orgeval, Poissy, Villepreux), in Seine-et-Marne (Le Perreux sur Marne) and in Seine-Saint-Denis (Montreuil).

They are talking about us :

Plume appeared on a TV show produced by "Le Parisien" in our crèche in Villepreux.
You will find the video extract below:

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